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The kind of like Ozan but not actually good at stuff that doesn involve running away screaming hysterically or rs gold slapping something with the oar she always carries around with her (backstory!) while also screaming hysterically.A total anti hero. A coward that prefers to run away from a fight rather than engage in it, but it always works out somehow. So the people involved think she a tactical genius that just being humble.

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Once again, newly introduced achievements perfectly doable by F2P players are tagged as members only in the achievement interface. There should be no difference in achievements if done on a F2P or members only world. Jack of Trades for whatever funny reason). I haven been able to test all of the new ones yet, but I rather wish this incorrect tagging would go. Right now there are members only tagged achievement that can or cannot be completed by F2P and it one trial and error mess.

I currently playing an account that mid level across the board, and Menaphos is my hub. It usually where I log in and out. I spend a lot of time there for various reasons and find the place very useful. I had so much fun in fact that I been chasing down the Sandy title. Our playerbase has, unfortunately, a disproportionate amount of high level players, and they can be very vocal on this subreddit, throwing a tantrum whenever the teams focus on low or mid level content. 2 points submitted 2 days ago

Super late to the thread but I had to come here and express that I feel like this show delivered much more than expected. In the beginning of the season I was afraid that the writing would be a trainwreck. I was pleasantly surprised with the clean writing, it wasn this show strong suit for sure, but it wasn bad either. Sirius really shined with its animation, action choreography and art.

In such a way that neither of us will be swayed either way.I will agree that Big Farming (read corporate mass meat production) has some serious issues that need to be addressed. My way of getting away from this is to make the personal decision to buy my meat locally from farmers I know allow their cattle to graze in open fields instead of being stuffed with GMO corn and put through a factory.

It was very fun to watch along and deserved a solid 7 imo (my lowest score is 2 to give you a reference point for my scoring system). I planning on rewatching it dubbed just because of the sub troubles this show suffered, and the show multicultural cast could really benefit from a dub situation. I like that it self contained but could lead up to a second season, which I do really want. Can wait for Netflix release and see how it does with its audience.Just because Reddit collectively decided that Menaphos is shit, it doesn mean that it is. As a f2p veteran with mid high levels who recently bought membership, I have been thoroughly enjoying Menaphos content. It a very useful hub, great looking, good music, lots of content and skilling. After a year of its release it still has an entire community around it (soul obbys etc). Catering entirely to endgame pvm community and neglecting low mid level content would be a mistake and if Osborne said Menaphos was a good idea despite what Reddit thought, kudos to him.
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